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What replaces the ASA5516?

The FPR1140 is the recommended replacement for the ASA5516-X.

Cisco Support for the ASA5516 Adaptive Security Appliance will cease in August 2026 and Cisco recommends that Customers with ASA5516-X products migrate to the Firepower 1000 series firewalls.


The direct replacement for the ASA5516 would be the FPR1140 which can be configured as an ASA initially and reimaged as an FPR NGFW as required.

Assuming your ASA5516 is running as an ASA then the transition to the FPR1140-ASA-K9 should be straightforward.

If, however, you would like to upgrade from the Layer 4 ASA Firewall to a Layer 7 NGFW then Cisco recommend the FPR1140-NGFW-K9.

Layer 4 is the OSI Transport Layer where TCP and UDP function.

Layer 7 is the OSI Application Layer where Apps such as Facebook and Linkdin function – if you want to manage these then you need NGFW.


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Replace your ASA5516 with an FPR1140 ASA

ASA5500-X Max Performance FRP1010 Models Max Performance
FW + AVC + IPS 450Mbs
Statefull FW 6Gbps

Correct as at July 2023 – latest specifications are available on

Note that the ASA5516-X refers to the following Cisco ASA 5516 models running the ASA image without any Firepower FTD enabled or installed.

The FPR1140-ASA is a direct replacement for the ASA5516 and will provide improved performance plus a path to upgrade beyond access control and traffic filtering.

With very few changes, the configuration from your ASA5516 can be pasted directly into your ASA imaged FPR1140, and the only requirement is for the essential license be available in your Smart Account.

ASA5516 to FPR1140-ASA Requirements

As a minimum the FPR1140 requires an essentials feature license to function with the ASA image.

How to replace your ASA5516 with an FPR1140-ASA

Buy FPR1140-ASA-K9 or FPR1140-ASA-K9-RF

The FPR1140-ASA-K9 is a direct replacement for your ASA5516-X.

Offering up to 6Gbps Firewall performance and running the ASA Firewall image it will (mostly) accept your existing ASA Config for a minimum downtime hardware upgrade.

Our FPR1140-ASA-K9 is delivered direct from Cisco, will be fully licensed and eligible for Smart Net support should you require it.

We also offer the FPR1140-ASA-K9-RF from Cisco Refresh and FPR1140-ASA-K9-WS from Cisco Excess, these models will be cheaper but could be in short supply.

FPR1000-ASA FPR1140 Essentials License - required

Your FPR1140 needs to have an essentials license available in your Cisco Smart Account to register against the device. We include this with our FPR1140-ASA-K9 products but FPR devices from other suppliers may not have this license so we can obtain it for you and provision it to your Smart Account.

Don’t have a Smart Account? Sign up for one here.

Cisco Smart Net for FPR1140-ASA-K9

CON-SW-FPR1140 FPR1140 Cisco Software Support - optional

Cisco Smart Net is Cisco’s award winning support service.

By adding a support contract to your FPR you will gain access to the latest versions of both the ASA and FTD software images, as well as obtaining direct access to Cisco Engineers to assist in the setup and migration of your ASA.

Note that to be eligible for Smart Net your FPR needs to be purchased from an authorized source.

CON-SNT-FPR1140 FPR1140 Cisco Smart Net - recommended

All FPR1140 Smart Net contracts include Software Support which is required to obtain the latest ASA or FTD Images.

The SNT version of Smart Net includes Next Business Day hardware replacement should your FPR1140 develop a fault.

FPR1K-ENC-K9 Strong Encryption (3DES/AES) License

Insufficient Cisco Firepower 1K Series ASA Strong Encryption (3DES/AES) Licenses

Cisco Firepower 1K Series ASA Strong Encryption (3DES/AES)

When the Cisco Firepower 1K Series ASA Strong Encryption (3DES/AES) has been applied you may received an “insufficient licenses” message, this denotes that your Smart Account does not have enough FPR1K-ENC-K9 Licenses and they need to be provisioned. The licenses are free but we charge for the admin required to obtain them.

FPR1K-ENC-K9 Strong Encryption (3DES/AES) License

Once the above Essentials License has been registered the Smart Software Manager will also apply the Strong Encryption License – but only if your Smart Account has permission.

If your Smart Account is not authorized for strong encryption you can (subject to Cisco approval) manually add a strong encryption license to your Smart account to enable the 3DES/AES.

Replace your ASA5516 with an FPR1140 NGFW

ASA5500-X Max Performance FRP1010 Models Max Performance
FW + AVC + IPS 450Mbs
FW + AVC + IPS 3.3Gbps

Correct as at July 2023 – latest specifications are available on

Note that the ASA5516-X refers to the following Cisco ASA 5516 models:

FPR1000 Rack Mounted Models

Features FPR1120 FPR1140 FPR1150

FPR1140 NGFW Differences to FPR1140 ASA

The FPR1140-ASA and the FPR1140-NGFW are essentially the same device, the only difference being the image that the device is currently running.

Loading the NGFW image adds application visibility and control and can be licensed to also provide:

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