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Smart Net facts that Cisco won’t tell you



Here are some facts about Smart Net that most people are not aware of

Cisco Smart Net can be purchased at any time

Cisco Terms state that “Smart Net must be purchased within 90 days of the poduct purchase date or there may be a fee to inspect the product” – this is not the case as Smart Net can be purchased at any time during the support life of the product.

Cisco Smart Net can lapse without penalty

There are no fees or penalties charged should your Smart Net cover lapse – you can renew your contract even if it’s expired.

One Contract can cover multiple devices

If you have an active Smart Net contract you can download software updates and patches for the covered device, but those downloads are not tied to the contract or the serial and can be applied to any matching device.

Software Entitlement

Downloaded sotware and patches can be applied to any device regardless of it’s entitlement.

It’s possible to cover serials that are not eligible for Smart Net

Only serial numbers that have been purchased from an authorized Cisco channel are eligible for Smart Net Support, serials described as “clean” are not eligible for Smart Net unless they have a valid right to use license.

It’s still possible to get a support contract on a serial that is not eligible, distribution don’t check but Cisco do and support on non-eligible serials can can terminated or suspended.

Contract Termination

A contract on a non-eligible serial can be cancelled at any time, and you probably won’t find out until you need it.

Contract Suspension

A contract on a non-eligible serial can be suspended at any time so you’re paying for something you can’t use – again without any notification.

Software Updates for low end devices are free

Cisco provide free lifetime software updates for their lower end products.

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