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Understanding Networking Fundamentals (Network+)

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Cisco Training

Course Title: Understanding Networking Fundamentals (Network+)

Course Code: Networking Fundamental
Duration: 4 days

Course Overview

This Cisco Training course provides a strong foundation for a career in IT, by teaching the basics of data networking. You will gain good framework and preparation for the more advanced areas of technology such as: IP networking, Network Security, Wireless Integration, advanced Routing and Switching, Storage Networking. This course provides excellent preparation for those undertaking the Network+ exam, as well as anyone working within an IT environment. Specific training is given on a variety of products from Cisco, Nortel, and Microsoft.

Course Objectives

On successfully completing this course you will be able to:
  • The installation and functionality of hubs, switches and routers using equipment from a range of vendors
  • How to perform subnetting, and the basis of IP addressing
  • The function of TCP/IP and how it is configured on devices
  • How to capture and view live network traffic using a protocol analyzer
  • The wireless network options available to you
  • The basics of security and firewall issues
  • Ethernet, how it works and how all of its forms can be connected
  • The basics of WAN services, such as Frame Relay, T1 Lines, ATM, and DSL
  • Differences between frames and packets
  • How to Install Cat 5e UTP and fiber optic cables
  • How VLANs function
  • How to set up a home network, for both home office and family uses
  • How VLANs work and how they are set up
  • NAT (Network address translation)
  • The routing protocols, RIP, ISRP, and OSPF

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites currently required for this course.

Testing and Certification

This Cisco Training course is the recommended preparation for the CompTIA Network+ exam and Mastering TCP/IP,ICND1 and CCNA Fast Track Programme (CCNABC) are recommended for further.

Course Outline

  • Networking Basics
  • Networking Standards
  • Microsoft, Unix, and Linux Networking
  • Network Cabling Systems
  • Ethernet Overview
  • IP Addressing Issues
  • TCP/IP Protocols
  • Switching
  • Routing
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Networking
  • WAN Overview
  • WAN Services
  • The Internet
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