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SMARTnet 24 x 7 x 4

SMARTnet Premium HW & SW 24x7x4 CON-SNTP

CON-SNTP-WS-C6513 Cisco SMARTnet for Cat6513 Firewall Security System REMANUFACTURED
CON-SNTP-WS-FWM1K9 Cisco SMARTnet for Firewall blade for 6500 and 7600, VFW License Separate
CON-SNTP-7606 Cisco SMARTnet for 7606 Chassis, spare REFURBISHED
CON-SNTP-15216-DCU 15216-DCU-750=
CON-SNTP-216DCU350 15216-DCU-350=
CON-SNTP-216DCU115 15216-DCU-1150=
CON-SNTP-15216CS2 Cisco SMARTnet for 2 Channel Optical Splitter or Combiner FlexMod
CON-SNTP-15216CS3 Cisco SMARTnet for 3 Channel Optical Splitter or Combiner FlexMod
CON-SNTP-15216CS4 Cisco SMARTnet for 4 Channel Optical Splitter or Combiner FlexMod
CON-SNTP-15216CSM Cisco SMARTnet for Multi-Mode Y Cable Protection FlexMod
CON-SNTP-216DC100 15216-DCU-100=
CON-SNTP-216DC550 15216-DCU-550=
CON-SNTP-216DC 15216-DCU-450=
CON-SNTP-15216D95 15216-DCU-950=
CON-SNTP-216EDFA3 Cisco SMARTnet for Metro EDFA,MidStageAccess,VariableGain 17 dBm REMANUFACTURED
CON-SNTP-216E350 15216-DCU-E-350=
CON-SNTP-216E200 15216-DCU-E-200=
CON-SNTP-15216-ID Cisco SMARTnet for 15216-ID-50=
CON-SNTP-15305S42 Cisco SMARTnet for 15305 2xSTM-4, SH, 1310nm, Optical Service Module
CON-SNTP-15305S11 Cisco SMARTnet for 15305 8xSTM-1, SH, 1310nm, Optical Service Module
CON-SNTP-15305E18 Cisco SMARTnet for 15305 8xE1 120 Ohm (RJ-45 Connectors) Service Module
CON-SNTP-15305S12 Cisco SMARTnet for 15305 2xSTM-1, SH, 1310nm, Optical Service Module
CON-SNTP-15305PP Cisco SMARTnet for 32 E1 Patch Panel 120 ohm, RJ-45
CON-SNTP-305L422 Cisco SMARTnet for 15305 2xSTM-4, LH, 1550nm, Optical Service Module
CON-SNTP-305GE2W Cisco SMARTnet for 15305 2xGE Service Module w/WAN Mapper, SFP connectors
CON-SNTP-15327X28 Cisco SMARTnet for XC 576 STS, 672 VT, 28 DS1, 3 DS3, ITEMP REFURBISHED
CON-SNTP-454DS3E Cisco SMARTnet for DS3, 48 Ckt., reqs SA-HD shelf assembly , TAA
CON-SNTP-454FTF2 15454-FTF2=
CON-SNTP-15454-4SA Cisco SMARTnet for 15454 Bay Assy., 4-Shelves and Rack, No Options
CON-SNTP-15454CMK2 Cisco SMARTnet for Includes 2ea XC-VT, TCC+,1ea FTA3-T, EOS 06-15-2004 (2443)
CON-SNTP-15454COMK Cisco SMARTnet for Includes 2 ea 15454-XC-VT,15454-TCC+, EOS 06-15-2004 (2443)
CON-SNTP-15454SPRK Cisco SMARTnet for Inc1ea AIC,XC-VT,TCC+,DS3E,DS3NE,OC34IR,OC12IR,SW,DOC(2442)
CON-SNTP-15454AICI 15454-AIC-I=
CON-SNTP-15454OPB Cisco SMARTnet for ONS 15454 Optical Booster Amplifier Module
CON-SNTP-15454REG Cisco SMARTnet for Includes 1ea 15454-AIC,15454-XC-VT,15454-TCC+,SW, DOC(2442)
CON-SNTP-454SAHD Cisco SMARTnet for 15454 SA HD NEBS3 ANSI w/ RCA and Ship Kit
CON-SNTP-454OPTPR Cisco SMARTnet for ONS 15454 Optical Pre-Amplifier Module REMANUFACTURED

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